Home learning in Early Years


Compulsory Homework
  • Reading – (10 mins per evening) books to share and read at home – parents can upload comments via Tapestry to update teachers of progress at home
  • Phonics activities linked to the child’s current ‘phase’ of learning


Optional Homework  Autumn 2018

Homework: Let’s count!


We have been learning all about numbers to 10 using the Numberblocks to help us. Can you choose your favourite Numberblock and create them in some way?

You might want to:
• make a poster
• build a model
• draw or paint a picture
• make a song or rhyme

In Phonics, Fred has been teaching us to hear and say sounds in words. Things you could do at home to help support this:

• play I spy, hearing initial sounds (not letter names)

• Fred talk instructions e.g. go and get you h-a- t

• see if you can recognise any of the sounds we have been learning when you are out and about or in your bedtime story


We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic work on Tapestry!

Our topic web for this half term is now on our Early Years page.