Home learning in Early Years


We have been very busy planting seeds and investigating what they need to help them grow!


Compulsory homework

·         Reading (10 mins per evening) – reading books will be sent home on a Friday. Children should be heard to read regularly – parents can add comments onto Tapestry to update teachers of progress at home

·         Phonics activities – linked to the child’s current ‘phase’ of learning

Optional homework

Can you plant a seed and take care of it?

Can you record the changes you notice in your seed? You could write about it or create a poster or information booklet.

Can you practise reading and writing the red words that you have at home? We will continue to update Tapestry each week to let you know what we have worked on each phonics so that you can continue to work on the same things at home.

We are also working on recognising and writing teen numbers.


We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic work on Tapestry.