Home learning in Early Years



This term we are learning to be story tellers. We are going to be re-telling familiar stories that we already know, as well as creating our own adventures. 


Compulsory homework

·         Reading (10 mins per evening) – reading books will be sent home on a Friday. Children should be heard to read regularly – parents can add comments onto Tapestry to update teachers of progress at home

·         Phonics activities – linked to the child’s current ‘phase’ of learning


Optional homework

Homework title:





If I were a dragon….

Suggested activities:

·         Create a picture/painting/model of your own dragon

·         Re-tell one of the stories we are learning in school, to someone at home

·         Plan your own story using and record using words or drawings

·         Bring in your favourite story to share at school with your friends

·         Teach someone at home one of our new games from PE


Remember to keep practising to get yourself dressed and undressed for PE!

We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic work on Tapestry.