Home learning in Early Years



Compulsory Homework
  • Reading – (10 mins per evening) books to share and read at home – parents can write comments in the reading diary to update teachers of progress at home
  • Phonics activities linked to the child’s current ‘phase’ of learning


Optional Homework  Autumn 2018
Homework Title: 


Title –  This is me!


This term is all about getting to know each other and finding out about the things that make us special and unique. To help us get to know all about you, here are some activities you could do at home.

  • Make a poster to tell us about your favourite things. You might like to tell us about your favourite places to visit, toys you like to play with, stories you like to read or any hidden talents you have!
  • Draw a picture to show all of the people who are special to you.
  • Talk to someone at home about what you would like to be when you grow up. See if you can find out a little bit more about it by talking to people or looking in a book or on the internet, with an adult to help you. Then you can share with your group what you have found out.
  • Upload a video or photograph onto Tapestry showing something that you enjoy doing when you are not at school.


Keep working on building those independence skills to help you when you are in school.

  • Can you put on your coat without any help?
  • Practise going to the toilet without asking a grown up to help you when you are finished.
  • Can you recognise your own name and have a go at writing it down?