Home learning in Year 2



Compulsory Homework
  • Reading – (15 mins per evening) Children should be heard to read regularly – parents can write comments in the reading diaries to update teachers of progress at home
  • Spellings – (5 mins per evening) Spellings will be given on a Friday to be learned for the following Friday, based on phonic or spelling patterns learned throughout the week
  • Number bonds/tables Children should learn to recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables, including odd and even numbers.


Optional Homework for Autumn 2018


Homework Title:

It’s a pirate’s life for me!





Suggested activities:

  • Make a pirate ship
  • Write a pirate code of conduct (rules of the ship)
  • Research different roles on a pirate ship
  • Create a pirate map with symbols
  • Draw and label inside a pirate ship
  • Learn some pirate words and phrases
  • Create your own pirate flag
  • Design a treasure chest
  • Learn and perform a pirate song
  • Write a pirate/adventure story