Year 1 News

Year 1 visit Newcastle Castle & Keep 

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Andy Goldsworthy Art and Planting with Mr Elliot!

During the first half term in Year One, both Oak and Pine classes have had a fantastic time. We have completed lots of rainbow challenges and also spent lots of time outside of the classroom. Whilst learning about Andy Goldsworthy we visited Kells Lane Park and created our own piece of art using natural resources. We might have had time to play too!

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This week has been Science Week and there have been many fun activities all around the school. We were invited by Mr Elliot to visit his polytunnel. The children loved the pear tree and the grape vine. They planted various bulbs and seeds and will be visiting the polytunnel weekly to observe the growth of their plants.

We have had a fantastic first few weeks in Year One! Every child has worked extremely hard and has settled into the routine really quickly. We have especially enjoyed carrying out our Rainbow Challenges. Well done to all of Year One!!

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