Year 1 News 2019-2020

A Walk in the Park

On Monday, Year 1 enjoyed a fun filled afternoon at Kells Lane Park. Thankfully the rain stayed away and we managed to channel our inner Andy Goldsworthy, using natural resources to make fantastic pieces of art. Of course we found some time to have fun on the pirate ship!

img_9986 img_9985 img_9984 img_9983 img_9981 img_9978 img_9972 img_9971 img_9952 img_9953 img_9955 img_9957 img_9962 img_9966 img_9967 img_9969 img_9970 img_9951 img_9950 img_9949 img_9947 img_9946 img_9945 img_9944 img_9942 img_9941 img_9940

img_3399 img_3401 img_3402

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Super Sandwich Making

Pine class had a fantastic visit on Wednesday from Gail, a lady who works for Warbutons. Gail told us about the Eatwell Guide and the different types of food we should eat to keep fit and healthy. After this, we all dressed up in our blue hats and aprons, just like the bakers at the Warbutons factory. We then used a knife to spread the butter and chose from a variety of fillings to create a super sandwich. Well done, Pine Class!

img_9813 img_9822 img_9825 img_9826 img_9831 img_9832 img_9833 img_9834 img_9835 img_9840 img_9841 img_9842 img_9847 img_9850 img_9852 img_9853 img_9854 img_9859 img_9865 img_9866 img_9867 img_9870 img_9871 img_9872 img_9874