Year 3 News

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As part of our Extreme Earth topic we are learning about earthquakes and we are further exploring this in Project Afternoon, which we are really enjoying.

An earthquake is on the way and we’re hoping that the buildings we have designed will withstand an earthquake.  In order to test this out, we designed and created our own buildings and put them to the test using a ‘jelly earthquake’.

We have also been looking at how artists represent extreme weather in different ways.  Take a look at some of our own interpretations of Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave of Kanganga’.



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Year 3 have been transported to a magical kingdom full of myths, legends, enchantment and danger…

As we’ve been learning about old Viking Myths, we decided to get up close and personal with mythical beasts. We’ve been creating our own dragon eyes using our wonderful sketching skills and oil crayons. 

A huge thank you to Mrs Covington for helping Year 3 bring our dragon eyes to life using colour and oil. We’ve had a fantastic time!



Arbeia Roman Fort



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Roman Day

Welcome to the Roman Empire. Year 3 have been busy experiencing life as Roman citizens. We’ve travelled back in time to visit the Colloseum, watch gladiator fights and see what life was like as a Roman Legionary. Take a look at our travel back in time…y22



‘We have had a fantastic Roman Day.  Thank you so much for all of the fabulous costumes and armour that the children have worn.  As you can see from the photos, Year 3 look fabulous!  Thank you also for the weapons that have been made.  They are absolutely amazing!’

Great North Exhibition

The children had great fun at the Great North Museum for the Exhibition of the North.  We learned lots of new things and realised just how great the north really is!

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Practical Maths

This week the children have been regrouping and adding using different concrete materials.  We’ve all made super progress with this and had lots of fun too.