Year 4 News

Michael Glickmann Visit to Year 4

Last Thursday morning the children had a very interesting and informative   visitor from the local Jewish community. Michael Glickmann came to tell the children about the festival of Passover or in Hebrew “Pesach”. The children learned the story of how the Egyptians got to leave Egypt and the story of the ten plagues. This tied in nicely with our topic for this term, Ancient Egypt.

As a treat at the end of the visit, the children got to taste Matzos which are crackers or bread made with leaven flour. Jewish people eat these during the Passover meal.


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Year 4 enjoyed a trip to the Great North Exhibition

When we arrived we completed an activity where we had to draw the sounds we heard through our headsets. We found out this was called a graphic score.

We started on Ground Floor looking at the work of Lubaina Himid ‘Our Kisses Are Petals’ and viewed the body parts on canvas. We drew our findings.


Afterwards, we ascended to the other floors and investigated the work of Michael Dean, the Ideas of the North and finally the Viewing Gallery. We had such fun learning about the artists!