Year 6 News


Year 6 children have access to the Compare4Kids website with their logins they have in their homework folders.  This is a great resource for English and Maths activities to access at home and school.

Click on this  SATs Boot Camps link to access the login page


Technology Tom visited Year 6 to work with us on a great science and design and technology project. Year 6 built lighthouses with a rotating light and a switch. Our lighthouses look fantastic and link to our Letters from the Lighthouse work in English.

img_4196 img_4197 img_4198 img_4202 img_4203 img_4206 img_4208 img_4209 img_4210 img_4212 img_4213 img_4214 img_4215 img_4216 img_4217 img_4218 img_4219 img_4221 img_4223 img_4224 img_4225 img_4227 img_4228 img_4229 img_4230 img_4233 img_4235 img_4236 img_4238

Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic P.E. event at Joseph Swan and had the opportunity to participate in a range of sports. A great time was had by all.

img_4019 img_4022 img_4023 img_4025 img_4026 img_4027 img_4032 img_4036 img_4038 img_4039 img_4040 img_4043 img_4046 img_4052 img_4053 img_4057 img_4060 img_4061 img_4062 img_4064 img_4070 img_4072 img_4074 img_4075 img_4076 img_4079 img_4081 img_4082 img_4083 img_4084 img_4086 img_4087 img_4088

Team with Mr. Bland from Joseph Swan.

img_3746 img_3748 img_3749 img_3755 img_3756 img_3757 img_3782 img_3783 img_3784 img_3785 img_3787 img_3795 img_3796 img_3797 img_3798 img_3799 img_3800 img_3801

Year 6 being scientists at Joseph Swan.

img_3817 img_3821 img_3823 img_3825 img_3838 img_3840 img_3841 img_3842 img_3843 img_3844 img_3848 img_3851 img_3853 img_3864 img_3868 img_3872 img_3877 img_3966

Year 6 visited the Great North Exhibition’s Innovation Trail and experienced the exciting exhibits and virtual reality experiences, that showcase Northern innovation past and present. 

img_2699 img_2700 img_2704 img_2705 img_2751 img_2756 img_2757 img_2758 img_2759 img_2761 img_2766 img_2767 img_2768 img_3417 img_3418 img_3419 img_3420 img_3421 img_3422 img_3423 img_3428 img_3429 img_3430 img_3431 img_3432 img_3433 img_3445 img_3457 img_3458 img_3467 img_3468 img_3477 img_3478 img_3487 img_3488

Year 6 were evacuated to Beamish to experience the life of an evacuee during WWII.

img_3706 img_3707 img_3709 img_3710 img_3712 img_3714 img_3715 img_3716 img_3717 img_3718 img_3719 img_3720 img_3721 img_3722 img_3726 img_3727 img_3728

Then we were visited by staff from Beamish Museum and investigated suitcases belonging to evacuees during WWII.

img_3617 img_3618 img_3620 img_3621 img_3623 img_3624 img_3625 img_3626 img_3627 img_3629 img_3630 img_3631 img_3633 img_3634 img_3635 img_3636 img_3637 img_3638 img_3639 img_3641 img_3650 img_3651 img_3652 img_3653 img_3656 img_3657