Extra Curricular/ Clubs

Our weekly Friday Bulletin, published on the school website, will keep you up to date with the wide range of activities going on in school. Once a term, the Headteacher’s newsletter is published and provides parents with key dates for the diary.

Other activities are run before school, at lunch times or after school to allow children from both Key Stage 1 and 2 the opportunity to work with different teachers or to try new skills e.g. brass, guitar and violin tuition, dance, karate, language, or craft skills.

September 2016 – A timetable of school clubs & activities. 

Monday 8.00- 8.45am Karate (Years 1 & 2)
Tuesday 8am Kells Lane String Orchestra (Year 1 to Year 6)

Lunch time guitar with Mr Weaver12.30-1pm Year 2 Italian Drop-in

2-3pm Brass Lessons with Mrs Weaver

3.30-4.30pm Craft Club with Mrs Long & Mrs Heath

Wednesday 8.00- 8.45am Karate (Years 3-6)

2.30-3pm Year 3 music with Mrs Weaver

Thursday 12-1pm- Violin tution with J. Cuggy

3.30-4.30pm Gymnastics with J. Marley

Friday 12-1pm- Violin tution with J. Cuggy