Author Visits

Simon Bartram

A huge thank you to Simon Bartram,  the author of ‘Man on the Moon’,  who came to visit Year 1 this week.  It was both interesting and inspiring to see the work put into writing and illustrating a children’s picture book. The children showed true passion and interest in Mr Bartram’s visit and, as a result, have produced some amazing writing themselves.



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Guy Bass comes to Kells Lane!


As part of Northern Children’s Book Festival we were very fortunate to receive a visit from the famous children’s author Guy Bass.  Some of the children bought books and had them signed by Guy at the end of his special assembly.  Take a look at our memories and feedback from children about Guy’s visit.  This day inspired us so much that Year 3 and Year 6 have started their reading buddy sessions; where they get to talk about their favourite books and read to each other.



The man was extremely funny.  I love his ideas for books like Spynosaur and Stitch Head.  I personally haven’t read Spynosaur but the extract he read was amazing, and like I said before I love Guy Bass’ humour!

Oliver Year 6


Yesterday I had a fantastic day when the author Guy Bass came to spend his time talking to us about his early life and becoming an author.  T start off with he talked about his early life being a teenager, a baby and a child.  Another thing I like about his visit was that he was incredibly humorous and one of the funniest people I have ever met.  Then  he talked about his latest book – a top secret agent who was blown up and his brain chip survived the blast and was put into a newly born dinosaur.  It became Spynosaur who fights crime for the good.  And lastly, he read us a part of the actual book and got a pupil to do an act with him and he sang, ”I’m a little teacup”.  Overall it was the best visit by an author, YET!  Ben Year 4




Guy Bass is a very funny character and he made all my friends laugh.  I was in tears from laughing.  I think he is very talented and I personally think all of his books are amazing.  I am a massive fan and I have read every single book from his collection.  What a great day! 

Sonny Year 5


Guy Bass is a funny and amazing writer, full of magic ideas and is extremely cheerful.  He is a great writer and has a lovely personality.  I would like to have another person like him to visit the school.  I got one of his books and really enjoyed it!  I really recommend reading Spynosaur and Stitch Head and all the other creative books he has wrote.

Iben Year 6




Guy Bass was really entertaining and should of been an actor or comedian on a comedy show.  He was funny and really nice.  His briefcase was totally full of secret items and he just kept pulling things out from it.  

Edie Year 3



It was extremely funny hearing what Guy Bass had to say and we laughed so much.  He got lots of people to enjoy themselves even the younger ones.  Mr Bass put on lots of different voices and got us to engage with his performance.  He talked about his books in a way that children would understand and he got children to come up with him and perform from one of his books.  We had a really good time and I hope he comes again!

Edith Year 4



I loved Guy Bass’ assembly because he was good at acting out things and he made me laugh so much that my sides ached with laughter.  Also when he was signing the book Spynosaur he write ‘ROAR’ in a bubble at the side of the page.

Emily Year 6




Guy Bass was very entertaining and I don’t know what he would be doing if he wasn’t an author—except for maybe being a comedian.  He made our cheeks hurt very much by how much laughing we all did, but it was still a very good performance and we will never forget Guy Bass coming to Kells Lane School!

Heather Year 6




Guy Bass’ assembly was amazing, he was as funny as a stand-up comedian.  His books looked ridiculously weird but they were really cool.  I especially enjoyed it when he read the Spynosaur book.  The Stitch Head books looked as fantastic as prancing gold unicorns – and that’s amazing!  I really thought he was spectacular!  

Joseph Year 4


I think Guy Bass was very funny when he came to visit Kells Lane.  I really enjoyed reading his books.  He told us a bout one of his characters – Spynosaur.  He also told us the six lies he was told as a child (6 lies that all parents probably tell you) and that was REALLY funny!  Mr Bass talked about his childhood and altogether I think Guy Bass is a really great author who is very funny and I enjoyed his visit.  

Lola Year 5

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