Read Write Inc. in Early Years


Read Write Inc.

Nursery and reception children take part in a daily Read, Write Inc. session, where they are taught to read using a character called Fred the Frog. The children build on their knowledge of letters and sounds to enable them to read and write simple words and sentences and develop into fluent readers, confident speakers and willing readers.

Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to invite parents into school to find out more about phonics and how you can support your child at home. Below are a series of short videos for you to watch, to give you further information about Read, Write, Inc. and how this is used in school, to teach your child how to read and write. You can also follow the link to the RWI page on our website where you will find further guidance for parents.

What is phonics?
Learning sounds and blending
Fred talk
Reading at home
What can I do to help?

The following document is a useful guide for parents to understand the milestones your child is working towards.

Remember, it is only a guide and all children develop at their own rate.