At Kells Lane Primary School  we have adopted ‘The Write Stuff’ by Jane Considine . ‘The Write Stuff’ follows a method called Sentence Stacking where there is an emphasis on vocabulary, sentence structure and developing ‘chunks of sense’.

An individual lesson is based on a sentence model, broken into 3 learning chunks. Each learning chunk has three sections:

  1. Initiate section – a stimulus to capture the children’s imagination and set up a sentence.
  2. Model section – the teacher close models a sentence that outlines clear writing features and techniques.
  3. Enable section – the children write their sentence, following the model.

Children are challenged to ‘Deepen the Moment’ which requires them to independently draw upon previously learnt skills and apply them to their writing during that chunk.

‘The Write Stuff’  uses three essential components to support children in becoming great writers

The three zones of writing :-

The FANTASTICs represent the nine ideas for writing.

The GRAMMARISTICS. The grammar rules of our language system.

The BOOMTASTICs. The writing techniques to add drama, style and poetic devices to writing.

How writing is taught

Thinking side &  writing side.

Children develop their writing by building vocabulary and phrases using a technique called ‘chotting‘ with a partner (chatting and jotting). This allows children to work on their writing ideas and we emphasise the importance of thinking about their writing ideas and vocabulary.

Celebrating the craft and construction of sentences

A class sentence stack is created to celebrate children’s sentences. This helps children to clearly see how a piece of writing is crafted and built before independently writing.

Independent writing – The published pieces

At Kells Lane, children are very proud of their published pieces of writing. They enjoy using the writing rainbow to create their own unique piece often as a double-page spread.


Free Writing Friday

On Fridays, the children have the opportunity to write about their interest and choice. They can choose to write a story, poem, report, song or one of many others genres. This enables all children to follow their own interest and to continue to develop a love for writing.


At Kells Lane we are very proud of our pupils’ handwriting and take particular care in our cursive/joined-up handwriting style.

Handwriting is a basic skill that influences the quality of work throughout the curriculum. At the end of Key Stage 2 all pupils should have the ability to produce fluent, legible and, eventually, speedy joined-up handwriting, and to understand the different forms of handwriting used for different purposes.

English programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2

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