Google Expeditions

On Monday we had a visit from Costa who worked with the children, alongside the class teacher, to access the Google Expeditions App.  With Google Expeditions we have been able to take pupils on an immersive virtual journey – bringing lessons alive.  Year 1 went to Space, Year 2 visited the BFG and Year 3 were able to view volcanoes erupting.  Year 4  sailed on the HMS Victory with Admiral Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar, Year 5 took a closer look into Space and Year 6 took a journey into the Rainforest.  What an amazing virtual day!

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Our Visit from Google Expeditions

On Monday we went up to the DT Room and were welcomed in by Costa from Google Expeditions.  We were really excited to learn more about volcanoes. First, Costa showed us how to use the virtual reality glasses. After that we put them on and if you looked down it seemed like you were standing in hot, orange lava.  Mrs Warwick used a tablet to circle different parts of the volcanoes and we had to find them.  It was really fun.  It was a really fantastic experience feeling like we were inside a real volcano.

By Lucy and Dylan – year 3


I really enjoyed the Google expedition.  It was so cool and amazing to see into Space.  It’s definitely a better experience using the goggles than watching on the whiteboard.  I really hope they come back again.

Lola – year 5


The Google expedition was really fun and educational (except for the underwater bit because I don’t like the sea).  V R goggles are amazing, I felt like I was actually there!  Thank you so much for coming to our school Costa.

Stella – year 5


Google expeditions was really amazing.  I say that because most things I am very interested in but am not able to get up close to it and explore more. Google expeditions made it so that I could because of the virtual reality goggles we used.  My favourite part was when we were in the ocean, I found it very exhilarating!  

Dylan – year 5


I really enjoyed Google Expeditions coming into our school – I looked forward to it all day and loved every moment.  It was much better than normal lessons as you could experience the adventure first hand.

Emily – year 5 


I like Google Expeditions because you could see everything you may not be able to witness in every day life.  It was far more interesting than a normal lesson would be because you could see everything in more depth.  Amazing!

Nalani – year 5


I loved Google Expeditions and could not believe the 3D effects and the adventure we experienced.  I learnt a lot!

Ollie – year 5


It was fantastic and gave me more of a clear picture of Space.  It made me feel like it was real because of all the detail.  Thank you!

Holly – year 5


To run your own expedition you will need:-

  • a cardboard viewer (available to buy online)
  • 2 wireless devices (ipod, ipad, tablet, iphone)
  • google expeditions app – free

Run the google expeditions app on one of your devices and become a leader,  then run the google expeditions app on your second device and become an explorer (put the second device in your cardboard viewer).

Enjoy your virtual expedition!