Health & Well-being

Health & Wellbeing Week in Kells Lane

This week we have had our Health and Wellbeing Week with the focus on being healthy – both inside and out. First, and foremost, I would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents that volunteered and gave up their time to come in and work with the children across a variety of areas. The level of effort and planning that went into your activities was amazing and the children really enjoyed their sessions as well as gaining a lot of knowledge from them.

We have had a range of activities from mindfulness and peer massage to professionals who work within the healthcare system, both physical and mental health, helping our children to see the many benefits from a healthy and active lifestyle. Years 3, 5 and 6 also had the opportunity to try out a variety of combat disciplines in combat confidence sessions.

We also had Marcus from Cycling Generation in throughout the week carrying out fun activities based on healthy heart and healthy eating as well as turbo maths; linking maths with fitness. It has been a great week, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed and have taken away much to think about as well as ideas for activities and ways they can help keep themselves healthy.


Early Years

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Year 1

oak-1 oak-2


Year 2

img_2062 img_2064 img_2068 img_2071 img_2075 img_2083 img_2085

Year 3

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Year 4

img_3412 img_3391 img_3386 img_3373 img_3366img_1705 img_1707 img_1709 img_1712 img_1713 img_1714 img_1715 img_1718 img_1720 img_1721 img_1723 img_1724 img_1726 img_1728


Year 5

img_2930 img_2931 img_2932 img_2933 img_2934 img_2935 img_2938 img_2939 img_2940 img_2941 img_2943 img_2944 img_2945 img_2947 img_2948 img_2949 img_2950 img_2951 img_2952 img_2953 img_2954 img_2956 img_2958 img_2959 img_2960 img_2961 img_2962 img_2963 img_2964 img_2965 img_2966 img_2967 img_2968 img_2969 img_2970 img_2971 img_2972 img_2973 img_2974 img_2975 img_2976 img_2977 img_2978 img_2979 img_2980 img_2981 img_2982 img_2983 img_2984


Year 6

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