Home learning in Early Years


·         Reading (10 mins per evening) – reading books will be sent home on a Friday. Children should be heard to read regularly – parents can add comments on Tapestry to update teachers of progress at home

·         Phonics activities linked to the child’s current phase of learning will be sent home by the class teacher


Optional themed homework Spring 2020 – People Who Help Us
Suggested activities:


  • Design and make- Can you create your own emergency vehicle? Think about the features e.g. sirens, ladders bright colours.


  • Make a thank you card to send to someone who has helped you. What did they do to help you? You could draw a picture or paint. Remember to use your best handwriting inside.


  • Talk to your grown-ups about what it means to stay healthy. Why not go for a walk or bike ride together?


  • Do you know what foods are healthy? Can you help make or bake a healthy lunch or snack?