Home learning in Year 1



Compulsory Homework
  • Reading – (10 mins per evening) Children should be heard to read regularly – parents can write comments in the reading diaries to update teachers of progress at home
  • Phonics activities linked to the child’s current ‘phase’ of learning
  • Number bonds/tables  Children should learn number bonds to 10 and 20. Have a go at some times tables if you can!


Optional Homework Spring 2020
Homework Title:





Suggested activities:

Topic 1 – Living in Low Fell

    • Make a map of a chosen local area e.g. Saltwell Park
    • Design your own shop for Kells Lane
    • Sketch your favourite place in Low Fell
    • Create a tally chart of types of local buildings e.g. restaurants, shops


    Topic 2 – Out of this world


    • Research and create a poster of the Solar System
    • Write a diary about an adventure to Space
    • Space themed bake-off!
    • 2D shape rocket artwork