Home learning in Year 5


Compulsory Homework
  • Reading (15 – 20 mins per evening)
  • Spellings – Spellings will be given on a Friday to be learned for the following Friday, based on phonic or spelling patterns learned throughout the week
  • Number bonds/tables Children should learn to recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 × 12




Optional Homework Spring 2020
Homework Title:

Suggested Activities:

  • Create a profile on a famous astronaut
  • Create your own space-themed Top Trumps cards
  • Many famous chocolate bars are named after space themes (Galaxy, Mars, Milky Way etc). Design your own space-themed chocolate bar with advertising slogan that you could pitch in a Space version of the Apprentice!
  • Write your own poetry about Space. This could be about a planet, the sun etc.
  • Astronauts must pass a fitness tests in order to be deemed suitable for Space travel. Create your own fitness regime (together with a menu of Space food!) to whip your crew into shape!