Maths – Our Whole School Approach



At Kells Lane we strive to ensure all children can achieve. We have spent a lot of time looking at the way we teach Maths to create an inclusive curriculum with well thought out steps to guarantee children fully understand the learning behind each mathematical concept. Practical and visual resources are a key component of our teaching. Throughout this section, you will find videos, recorded by our own children, to demonstrate some of our key teaching strategies at Kells Lane.



What does mastery mean?

Mastering maths means ensuring children develop a deep, long-term and secure understanding of mathematical concepts. We aim to ensure pupils acquire a solid understanding by having the confidence to explore concepts and explain ideas. Having a strong understanding of each step in the curriculum will guarantee children can grasp more challenging concepts when introduced.

Our School Partnership

At the beginning of this academic year, we were accepted into a National Initiative run by the NCETM. Throughout this year, our staff have been working closely with ‘The Great North Maths Hub’. This project has allowed us to develop how we use the mastery approach, brilliant opportunities to develop close working relationships between schools also taking this journey and even build relationships with the Chinese teachers who are involved in this National Exchange, allowing us to see first hand where the mastery element of maths began.


‘Hands on’ Maths

As a school we believe that mathematical understanding is achieved by using practical resources and visual representations. Children use concrete objects to help them make sense of a concept or problem. These resources could be anything from every day objects (lollipop sticks, shells) to more mathematical resources (cubes, counters).

Giving the children the freedom to explore concepts through physical manipulation, allows them time to experiment and investigate, therefore building confidence and the use of mathematical language.

When children become confident with the concept they may no longer need the practical resources. Instead, they draw them. These simple drawings are meaningful to the children as they illustrate a problem visually.

As the children’s understanding grows, they can move on to the abstract problems (using numbers and formula). They are able to see how numbers are represented and how a formula works as they have already spent the time exploring the concept.


How can I help at home?

Please watch our videos in the Maths at Kells Lane section. They are designed to provide you with some insight into the teaching of maths at Kells Lane. Our children are very excited to demonstrate their amazing learning and fantastic understanding. Enjoy!