Children’s workbooks

19 July 2016

As many of you know, schools no longer use national curriculum ‘levels’ to measure pupil progress from the beginning to the end of the year or key stage. Children now work towards an expected standard according to their age. Schools are often asked to produce evidence to support their judgments about how much progress pupils have made.The evidence as to whether or not children have achieved the expected standard is predominantly in their books.

Your child’s books are an invaluable source of evidence and are particularly important at the beginning of a new school year when new exercise books are relatively empty. We are enormously proud of the work the children have done and the progress achieved. This is why we retain your child’s books at the end of the summer term, and why we are proud to show them to external moderators such as Ofsted. If you would like to request your child’s books be sent home, please contact the school office in the spring term.


Many thanks for your understanding.