Friday Bulletin – 18th November 2016

18 November 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to start this week’s bulletin by thanking you all for supporting our Children in Need pyjama party today. It was a very special way to end our anti-bullying week. The key message of the week has been ‘Use your power for good’ and today we managed to raise an incredible £565 for children’s charities up and down the country. Thank you.

We had our second of three parents’ evenings this week, with the final one next Tuesday evening. If you haven’t been able to make these dates please feel free to contact your child’s teacher to make a mutually convenient appointment.

Many of you have commented about the positive impact of our ‘Growth Mindset’ approach to teaching the curriculum. Many of your comments echo what we are seeing in school; children who are believing in themselves and in the power of effort and self-challenge. Following some conversations about how children are challenged, I think the best way to explain our approach is through a concrete example. This one is taken from the Year 6 Maths curriculum.


Place Value: Read, write, order and compare numbers up to 10,000,000 and determine the value of each digit.


Level of challenge Purpose Examples of learning activities
Bronze Practise and consolidation What is the value of the digit 6 in these numbers?





Write the next three numbers that follow:





Say what the digit 8 stands for in each of these numbers:




Silver Mastering this objective –Deeper Understanding Create seven digit numbers where the digit sum is 9 and the tens of thousands digit is 2. e.g. 4,020,201

What is the largest/smallest number you can make?

Now create eight digit numbers where the digit sum is 14 and the hundred thousands digit is 2. e.g. 11,260,202

What is the largest/smallest number you can make?


Find 3 consecutive numbers above 1000.

·         The first has to be a multiple of 2

·         The second a multiple of 3

·         The third a multiple of 4.


Find 3 consecutive numbers above 10000.

·         The first has to be a multiple of 3

·         The second a multiple of 4

·         The third a multiple of 5


What do you notice?

Gold Working at greater depth Look at the abacus below. You have 35 beads to place where you wish. If you have to put a bead in each of the pegs what are the smallest and largest numbers you can make? Now make up more to a given specification.






Have a great weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs A Whistler



Dates for your diary for next couple of weeks:

Tuesday 22nd November

·         Parents Evening #3


Wednesday 23rd November

·         Lexia meeting for parents in school – 1st meeting at 2.30pm/2nd meeting at 3.30pm

Thursday 24th November

·         Nasal flu vaccination for children in Year 1 to Year 6


Thursday 24th November

·         Kells Lane School Fundraising will be collecting any donations of chocolate for our tombola later this term – all donations greatly appreciated


Friday 25th November

·         Last date to order a school Christmas dinner


Tuesday 29th November

·         Information meeting for Year 6 Holland trip – starts at 5.30pm


Sunday 4th December

·         KLSF (Kells Lane School Fundraising) Treasure Hunt

Monday 5th December

·         Christmas Disco (KLSF) – Year 2-6    6.45pm – 8pm (Entry is £3)

Wednesday 7th December

·         Year 2 to Tyne Theatre visit

Thursday 8th December

·         Christmas lunch in school