Friday Bulletin & Diary Dates – 8th June 2018

8 June 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing this bulletin to urge you to think carefully about your child’s access to social media. Although the age restriction for social media accounts is usually 13, we find ourselves dealing with an increasing number of issues regarding social media such as Instagram. Children do not have access to social media in school; the issues are incidents that have happened outside of the school day.

We have had a couple of incidents recently of children using social media inappropriately. Unfortunately, this has caused unnecessary stress and anxiety for some children. It has also meant that school staff have had to spend learning time sorting out these issues.

The other thing that should rightly concern parents is that, like Twitter, there are Instagram ‘followers’. An increasing number of children have been contacted by people they don’t know on social media.  If you allow your child access to social media, despite not meeting the minimum age restrictions, please be alert for strangers who are interested in looking at pictures of your child. Help keep your child safe by following five simple precautions:

  1. Remove unknowns from your child’s followers list

Instagram has “followers” similar to Twitter. Anyone on Instagram can potentially see pictures and videos that your child posts unless your child is using private account mode and is using that tool’s access restrictions.

  1. Enable “Private Account” Mode

Instagram’s Private Account mode locks the account so that only people you approve as followers can follow you. So instead of the whole world having access to everything your child posts, your child can choose who they want to follow them. You should insist that they use this mode.

  1. Get your child’s pictures off the Instagram map

Instagram features a map that may show where your child’s pictures were taken.  It does this based on the geotagged photo capability of their smartphone.

  1. Prevent future location sharing

To turn off Instagram’s ability to geotag future photos, you must disable its access to your child’s phone’s location services. Check the Instagram help site for information on disabling geotags.

  1. Don’t let them post personal info on their Instagram profile

Instagram allows children to list personal information such as their real name and phone number. Make sure your child doesn’t have anything in their profile that would allow someone to contact them directly or learn their whereabouts.


Our number one priority at Kells Lane is keeping children safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a great weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs A Whistler



Dates for your diary:


Monday 11th June – Thursday 14th June 2018

  • Year 6 residential to North Wales –PLEASE MEET AT SCHOOL AT 7.30 am on MONDAY MORNING
Friday 15th June 2018

  • Year 2 visit to Hamsterley Forest
Tuesday 19th June 2018

  • ‘ZooLab’ visiting Early Years
Thursday 21st June 2018

  • Early Years visit to Wallington Hall
Saturday 30th June 2018

  • Transition Day – visit your child’s class teacher for September
Friday 6th July

  • Kells Lane String Orchestra Summer Concert – 2 pm start
  • Summer Fair (3 pm – 4.30 pm)
Monday 9th July 2018

  • KLSF school disco
  • Health and Wellbeing Week in school
Tuesday 10th July 2018

  • Year 2 Performance at 2 pm – ADULTS ONLY PLEASE
Thursday 12th July

  • Year 6 Performance (dress rehearsal) at 2 pm
  • Year 6 Performance at 5 pm
  • Year 5 Last swimming session today
Friday 13th July 2018

  • Sports Day at Joseph Swan Academy (Years 3 – 6 in the morning, Early Years and Years 1 and 2 in the afternoon – all parents welcome)
Wednesday 18th July 2018

  • Year 6 Presentation Evening at 5 pm
Thursday 19th July 2018

  • Last day of term for pupils – school finishes at normal time