Information about Newcastle Cathedral Choristers

20 April 2018

We are delighted that Ian Roberts (Director of Music at Newcastle Cathedral) will be coming into school to work with Year 3 on Wednesdays during this half term. He will teach each class various songs as well as developing general musical skills. He will also try and give each pupil a small flavour of life as a Cathedral Chorister.

The Cathedral chooses a number of ‘partner schools’ to work with each year. Mr Roberts is looking for the next generation of Newcastle Cathedral Choristers. The English tradition of cathedral choirs is centuries old, and a jewel of the nation’s cultural life. It is notable that Newcastle Cathedral doesn’t have its own choir school, and this provides a tremendous opportunity for boys and girls from across the region and all backgrounds to take part in this special opportunity. We already have a Kells Lane pupil singing as a boy chorister, and we think that there are other talented and committed children at Kells Lane that could benefit from the experience.

The Cathedral Choristers receive an unparalleled musical education worth approximately £2,000 pa completely free of charge. Each receive a small bursary which parents can give as ‘pocket money’, or perhaps put towards instrumental lessons. They also receive free individual singing lessons from one of the North East’s most respected vocal coaches, and lessons in music theory. As well as a wealth of Cathedral Services (some high profile), special concerts, CD recordings and occasional radio broadcasts are other exciting opportunities. Also the choir tours internationally, and a trip Belgium is planned for October of this year. 

The Girl Choristers sing on Mondays and Wednesdays after school, and the Boy Choristers on Tuesdays and Thursday. When experienced, Choristers sing for one service on a Sunday during term time. If a number of Kells Lane  pupils were interested, lift sharing is a possibility, or it might be feasible for the Choristers to travel by taxi during the week.

The benefits of serious singing extend beyond just the musical. Regular singing can help with literacy, numeracy, powers of concentration, physical fitness and many other things. For more information please contact Ian Roberts