Latest School Meals Information

4 March 2016

The following letter has been sent home tonight

Dear Parents

I am writing to update you on the current situation with our school dining hall and kitchen facilities.

We are working closely with the local authority and have decided to reintroduce a limited hot food menu to be served in the main school building next week.

• Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will be provided with a free hot meal or choice of sandwich

• All pupils entitled to free school meals will also be provided with a free hot meal or choice of sandwich

• Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils can choose to order a hot school lunch or sandwich, or may continue to bring a packed lunch from home if preferred

• If your child has particular dietary requirements could you please telephone Mrs Heath on 01914334143 to advise so that we can ensure they are catered for

Work to reinstate the dining hall building is ongoing and I will update you as soon as possible.

NOTE: Please see next week’s menu overleaf. I would appreciate it if you could speak to your child beforehand so that they know whether to tell their teacher they will be having a ‘hot meal’, ‘sandwich’ or bringing their own ‘packed lunch’.

Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during what has been a challenging week.

Yours sincerely
Mrs A Whistler

Week 1 Meals
1st Choice
Monday: Margarita Pizza served with oven baked seasoned wedges, baked beans or salad

Tuesday: Sliced Roast Pork and Yorkshire pudding served with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and gravy

Wednesday: Bacon bun served with diced potatoes, coleslaw and salad

Thursday: Oven baked sausages served with creamed potato, vegetable medley and gravy

Friday: Battered Salmon fillet goujons served with oven baked chips, peas and sweetcorn

2nd Choice
A daily selection of sandwiches, wraps and banquette’s served with salad

A selection of homemade cakes, muffins, biscuits, yoghurts, fresh fruit and cheese and crackers offered daily

Also available daily
Selection of salads, wholemeal bread, fruit, cheese and crackers, assorted yoghurts and drinks