The Two Steves visit KS2

20 November 2015

As part of the Northern Children’s Book Festival, our KS2 children thoroughly enjoyed the engaging and extremely funny ‘Game show’ assembly delivered by The Two Steves. Let’s get reading!SAM_7721 SAM_7723 SAM_7724 SAM_7725 SAM_7726 SAM_7728 SAM_7731 SAM_7732 SAM_7733 SAM_7734 SAM_7736 SAM_7737 SAM_7738 SAM_7740 SAM_7741 SAM_7743 SAM_7745 SAM_7746 SAM_7747 SAM_7748 SAM_7749 SAM_7752 SAM_7754 SAM_7755 SAM_7757 SAM_7720SAM_6244 SAM_6247 SAM_6248SAM_6250 SAM_6251 SAM_6252 SAM_6253 SAM_6254 SAM_6255 SAM_6256 SAM_6257 SAM_6258 SAM_6259 SAM_6260 SAM_6261 SAM_6262 SAM_6263 SAM_6264 SAM_6265 SAM_6266 SAM_6267 SAM_6268 SAM_6269 SAM_6270 SAM_6271 SAM_6272 SAM_6273 SAM_6274 SAM_6275 SAM_6276