Year 1 Rocket Making

28 January 2016

Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending our modelling workshop.  We hope you had an enjoyable experience.  We are so grateful for all your support, kindness, help and dedication.  We look forward to the next event!  Here are some of the comments you gave us so that we can use these to help with the organisation of future workshops or open afternoons.

Kind Regards

Miss Bustard and Mrs Short.


Some comments from the parents:

‘Really enjoyable.  Good to have the opportunity to come into school.’

‘It was a wonderful experience — being able to see Ben interacting with his friends and teachers and to get involved.  Really great experience and good quality time with Ben.  Imagination running wild—It was great.  Just went over too quickly! Thank you to all the staff.  Would love to do something like this again.’ K Foster

‘Really nice idea to invite the parents into school.  Max was very excited to have his Mum here.’

‘Fantastic!  Thank you for the opportunity.’

‘Great fun! Should do more like this.’

‘It has been wonderful—to see the children eagerly building their spaceships.  Stretching their imagination— I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the children!’

‘Isobel and I really enjoyed the afternoon.  The difficult part was arranging childcare for my 2 year old son during school hours.’

‘Fantastic session!  Really engaged the children, and great opportunity to learn and build together.

More like this please!’

‘Really enjoyed the workshop.  It was lovely seeing all the children getting creative.  It was also rather amusing watching all the competitive Dads!’

‘Thomas and I really appreciate the work you have put in to make this one of the best afternoons we have had together. More please!’ Granda T

‘It was a great idea, loved being able to be part of school life!  Isla loved having use here as well.  Thank you.’

‘Brilliant! Loved it! What’s next?’

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