Online payments

e encourage parents to use the ‘Schoolcomms’ system for online payments for school dinners and for when larger amounts of money is paid to school e.g. residential trips.  We do hope parents will take up the opportunity to use this system as it makes payments to school easier as access/payments can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Parents need to access the payment system school gateway. You will need to enter your email address and the mobile number that we have on record for the first contact, then select the ‘Send PIN button’ and a PIN number will be sent to your mobile phone.  This PIN number (as well as your email address) can then be used to log into ‘schoolgateway’ and make/view payments, and to view the meals taken on the dinner register.  For those parents who would prefer a second named contact to be able to access the system, please contact Mrs Long on 0191 4334142.

For those unable to make online payments, cheques provide the safest alternative – payable generally to Kells Lane Primary School (or Gateshead Council for School Meals only) or cash.  Please send any cheques or cash for dinner money, on Monday morning, in an envelope or purse clearly labelled with your child’s name and class. The current cost of a school meal is £2.40 per day (correct as at September 2020).

If you have any concerns regarding the system please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Long on 0191 4334142.


The Local Authority’s policy with regard to charging for school activities is to encourage schools to offer opportunities which broaden the children’s experience in connection with certain curriculum areas e.g. swimming, educational visits to historic sites, theatre visits, and visits to art galleries or museums. Following this policy, the school will ask for contributions from parents, without obligation, and no pupil will be omitted from an activity if parents do not contribute. However as visits are non-profit making, they can only go ahead if all costs are covered. The school follows Local Authority guidance on adult pupil ratios. For Key Stage 1 visits this is 1 adult to 6 pupils. In Key Stage 2 it is 1 adult to 15 pupils. For Key Stage 2 residential visits the ratio is 1 adult to 8 pupils.


There is a Local Authority directive, which prohibits the school from giving medication of any kind to children, whether for the treatment of headaches, cuts or bruises etc. It would help greatly if teachers were also informed of any medical conditions requiring the occasional or regular use of medication. Wherever possible, parents are asked to arrange to administer all other medicines out of school hours but medicines prescribed by the doctor may need to be given at lunchtime. Please ensure that the medicine is clearly labelled and in its original packaging and is accompanied by a request form signed by a parent/guardian.


Parents must fill in a request form, available at the school office, to ensure that appropriate arrangements can be made for children who need frequent access to inhalers. Please advise whether your child can use the inhaler independently or requires adult support.

Medical Appointments

When appointments are made which necessitate children being taken from school during the school day, would parents please make arrangements to collect children from school at such times. We cannot allow children to go home or to the dental surgery etc unaccompanied, no matter how short a journey this would entail. Please see a member of staff when collecting your child, and when returning your child to school on such occasions.

If your child needs an appointment to visit the dentist, doctor, or hospital, we ask you to try to make the appointment in the evening or late afternoon so that your child does not need to miss school.

Sex Education

An understanding about life itself is based on knowledge of our origins and development. Learning about our bodies is perhaps best done in the loving security of home as a natural part of growing up, though the children will naturally encounter the subject of growth and development in their studies at school, mainly in science.

The school has a Sex and Relationship policy. The policy was written by the Pupils and Curriculum sub-committee of the governing body after consultation with parents and taking advice from the LA. Parents have a right to withdraw from all or part of the sex education offered except those elements taught as part of National Curriculum science. Parents may wish to contact the Headteacher direct, if they wish to do so or have further information.

Snow and Bad Weather

The decision to close the school due to snow or bad weather will take account of the safety of pupils and staff.  We always aim to keep the school open, as long as it is safe to do so. The school will aim to make a decision as early as possible and reopen as soon as we can.

 In the event of bad weather, parents should check whether the school is open.  We will inform parents in as many ways as possible:

1. Via local radio, BBC Radio Newcastle, Metro Radio

2. Via the list of school closures on the Gateshead Council Website

3. Via Text from school

4. Via our school website