Year 1 News

Kirkey Hall Zoo

We had an interesting day at Kirkley Hall Zoo and had 3 exciting activities throughout the day.

  • a woodland walk which included building a bird’s nest

  • we looked at lots of reptiles and other creatures.  We even stoked a bearded Dragon…

  • we had a tour of the botanical gardens

Some of our favourite animals were the Meerkats, the badly behaved Peacocks and Oscar the Parrot.


Rocket Workshop!

5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF!!!

What an exciting afternoon we had on Monday making our rockets! All the children worked very hard and had some amazing designs, ideas and creations. A really big thank-you to everyone that came and helped their child and other children to build their own rockets.


Fantastic Easter Eggs Pine Class

img_8282 img_8283 img_8284 img_8286 img_8288 img_8289 img_8291 img_8292 img_8293 img_8294 img_8296 img_8297 img_8298 img_8301 img_8302 img_8303 img_8304 img_8306 img_8307 img_8309 img_8310 img_8311 img_8312 img_8313 img_8314 img_8315 img_8316 img_8319

Boccia @ Joseph Swan Academy

Y1 Boccia Competition at Joseph Swan

Well done to all children who took part in the Y1 Boccia Competition! All 12 children from both Oak and Pine class were fantastic. They all worked as a fantastic team and truly tried their very best. We are delighted to say that Kells Lane won the competition, well done Y1!



Image result for low fell

Living in Low Fell!

Year One have been working extremely hard on a Design and Technology project designing and building buildings along Kells Lane street using junk materials. Everyone worked very hard to add detail to their buildings. We especially enjoyed re-creating Kells Lane street outside in the sunshine using our designs. “We are like giants” “This is so cool!” were just a few of the words the children said as they took turns walking down the “street”. Well done everyone!

img_7454 img_7455 img_7460 img_7462 img_7463 img_7464 img_7466 img_7468 img_7469 img_7473 img_7474 img_7476 img_7477 img_7479 img_7481 img_7483 img_7490 img_7493 img_7494 img_7496 img_7497 img_7498 img_7499 img_7500 img_7501 img_7502 img_7503 img_7504 img_7505 img_7506 img_7507 img_7508 img_7509 img_7510 img_7511 img_7512 img_7513 img_7514 img_7515 img_7516 img_7517 img_7518

Our Planetarium Visit!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off…

Image result for landing on the moon gif

Steve from Cosmos Planetarium came to visit us in Year 1 and we had an exciting trip to outer Space.  Investigating planets, machinery and the history into the first landing on the moon was inspiring. 

Image result for cosmosplanetarium

Charlie’s favourite was when he felt like he was flying through Space and he saw Jupiter and Saturn.  

Katie love landing on and then exploring the rocky moon.

Hugo enjoyed blasting off!  5,4,3,2,1, blast off!



Wolf blows poor pigs houses down!

Year One have been police officers this week. A strange package arrived from the police station along with a letter addressed to Year One! We discovered it was a case that needed to be solved fast! The children all made notes whilst observing the evidence that had been sent. We used lots of adjectives and had such fun guessing who the culprit was.

img_6399img_6400 img_6401 img_6402 img_6403 img_6404 img_6405 img_6407 img_6409 img_6411 img_6412 img_6414 img_6415 img_6416 img_6417 img_6418 img_6419 img_6420


The Wonderful World of Books!

Year One have had an amazing time exploring our new and improved Library! We had so much fun looking in the Spooky section, the Adventure section, the Dinosaur Discovery section, the Facts of the World section and many many more! We all got to choose a book to take home…which was very difficult for most as there were too many to choose from! Then we shared an exciting story around the story chair! We will be visiting the library every Monday morning where all of Year One can change their library books if they wish to.

img_6472 img_6471 img_6283 img_6282 img_6280 img_6278 img_6276 img_6272 img_6271 img_6270 img_6269 img_6268 img_6267 img_6265 img_6263 img_6262 img_6261 img_6259

Year 1 visit Newcastle Castle & Keep 

img_5977 img_5980 img_5984 img_5991 img_5993 img_5994 img_5995 img_5998 img_6001 img_6002 img_6004 img_6011 img_6026 img_6036 img_6058 img_6067 img_6072 img_6073 img_6078 img_6084 img_6088 img_6090 img_6096 img_6098 img_6113 img_6114 img_6121 img_6122 img_6131 img_6135 img_6137 img_6141 img_6143img_2037 img_2038 img_2039 img_2040 img_2041 img_2048 img_2049 img_2059 img_2089 img_2091 img_2093 img_2094img_2117 img_2127 img_2129 img_2131 img_2132 img_2133 img_2134


Andy Goldsworthy Art and Planting with Mr Elliot!

During the first half term in Year One, both Oak and Pine classes have had a fantastic time. We have completed lots of rainbow challenges and also spent lots of time outside of the classroom. Whilst learning about Andy Goldsworthy we visited Kells Lane Park and created our own piece of art using natural resources. We might have had time to play too!

img_5420 img_5419 img_5418 img_5417 img_5416 img_5415 img_5414 img_5413 img_5412 img_5411 img_5410 img_5409 img_5408 img_5405 img_5402 img_5400 img_5399 img_5398 img_5397 img_5378 img_5376 img_5375 img_5374thumb_img_0161_1024 thumb_img_0165_1024 thumb_img_0172_1024 thumb_img_0175_1024

This week has been Science Week and there have been many fun activities all around the school. We were invited by Mr Elliot to visit his polytunnel. The children loved the pear tree and the grape vine. They planted various bulbs and seeds and will be visiting the polytunnel weekly to observe the growth of their plants.

We have had a fantastic first few weeks in Year One! Every child has worked extremely hard and has settled into the routine really quickly. We have especially enjoyed carrying out our Rainbow Challenges. Well done to all of Year One!!

img_5122 img_5123 img_5128 img_5131 img_5132 img_5146 img_5148 img_5150 img_5151 img_5156 img_5157 img_5158 img_5159 img_5160 img_5164 img_5185 img_5186 img_5187 img_5188 img_5242 img_5244 img_5246 img_5247