Year 2 Light up the sky at Souter


Edie having fun at the lighthouseY2 ready to go Theo's lighthouse (y2)

On Wednesday 10th May, Year 2 embarked on an exciting adventure exploring Souter Lighthouse. The children have been studying the life of Grace Darling and the role of lighthouses past and present. As part of this our science curriculum has involved exploring how to make simple circuits. Souter Lighthouse, therefore, was the perfect location to bring this all to life.

After an excitable journey on the coach the children set to work quickly. 2BJ went off to make their own working lighthouses. They enjoyed experimenting with the batteries and bulbs, and even managed to make a switch to turn their light on and off. The lighthouses were decorated to a very high standard indeed!

Meanwhile 2T quickly embarked on a tour of the lighthouse; both the functional and living quarters. They loved exploring the artefacts and were amazed at the cramped living conditions. Of course, it wouldn’t be an adventure without climbing all the way up to the top to look at the sheer size of the light. After 152 steps altogether, everyone was more than ready for lunch.

The wonderfully secluded picnic and play area gave the children the opportunity to exert some more energy before swapping activities in the afternoon. A wonderful time was had by all, especially playing on the wooden train and the pirate ship!

Before long we were back on the bus; rosy cheeked and nicely worn out by the mixture of excitement, exercise and sea air!

The staff were proud to see our children engaged in their learning, asking and answering relevant questions and showing a true enthusiasm to find out more. Well done Year 2.

“There are 1008 prisms in the top of the lighthouse,” said Alice in 2BJ.

Evie (2BJ), “I liked it when we played in the play area.”

William (2T), “I loved making the lighthouses, especially when they lit up.”

Matthew (2T), “I learned that Souter lighthouse was the first lighthouse to have electricity!”