Welcome to Year 1

At the start of Year 1, our focus is identity and belonging. We learn all about ourselves and our families before learning about our wider community and exploring our local area. In the Spring, we travel through enchanted worlds as we explore the settings and characters of fairy tales. We also look at real castles and the real heroes and heroines in our local history. Following this, you will need to pack your suitcase as we journey ‘Out of this World’ with our space themed missions. Finally, we travel across the World to learn about life in a jungle before venturing back in time to the land of the dinosaurs. 

      We hope you enjoy your Year 1 adventures!

Learning in Year 1 is also supported by our negotiated curriculum. You can find out more about this by following the rainbow below.

For more information on the topics we cover please click on the links below.

All about Me!
Local Area
Enchanted Kingdoms
Out of this World
Jungle Adventure
Here come the dinosaurs!

To see an overview of our complete Year 1 Curriculum please click here.

   Y1 Curriculum Map