Whole School Celebratory Days

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Our wonderful ‘World of Work’ week

What a fantastic week we have had meeting some very interesting people who talked to us about their exciting occupations; producers, GP’s, musicians, nurses, graphic designers, doctors, hairdressers, directors of business and many many more! All of the children have been inspired about what career they might like to pursue when they are older. Thank-you so much for all who took part, what an inspiring week!

Graphic Designer – working as a team!

img_5938 img_5939 img_5941 img_5943 img_5944 img_5945 img_5947 img_5948


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Musicians – inspiring our budding musicians…

img_8899 img_8901 img_8909 img_8913picture

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Doctors, GP’s and Nurses – caring for others.

img_8748 img_8755img_8840 img_8844 img_8845img_9010 img_9007 img_9005 img_9003 img_9001 img_8999 img_8983 img_8977 img_8973 img_8969 img_8967 img_8965 img_8964 img_8962 img_8960 img_8959 img_8955 img_8953img_0150 img_0171 img_0174 img_0189 img_0214 img_0215img_6125 img_6127

Directors of business – Inspiring our young entrepreneurs!

picture-1img_6114 img_6115

Homes England – we became town and country planners!

img_0322 img_2127img_0918img_3440 img_3675img_5358 img_4621 img_5959 img_6242



We have some very creative children in our school which made it very difficult to choose the winners of the egg competion.  Well done everyone!

img_0070 img_0069 img_0067 img_0066 img_0065 img_0064 img_0063 img_0062 img_0061 img_0060 img_0059 img_0058 img_0057 img_0056 img_0055 img_0054 img_0053 img_0052 img_0051 img_0050 img_0049 img_0048 img_0047 img_0045 img_0044 img_0043 img_0042 img_0041 img_0040 img_0039 img_0038 img_0037 img_0036 img_0035 img_0034 img_0033 img_0032 img_0031 img_0030 img_0028 img_0027 img_0026 img_0025 img_0024 img_0023 img_0022 img_0021 img_0020img_00881

And the winners are…

1 2 3

Well done!


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Kells Lane Summer Fair


We are having our annual Summer Fair on 6 July 2018 3pm – 4.30pm – our Orchestra will be proceeding the fair 2.30-3pm.


Image result for toy tombolasFundraising Tombola Sign - A3

We would welcome any donations for our toy, chocolate and bottle tombolas.  Please note as it is for a tombola stall we require new or unused toys.  Thank you.


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World of Work Week

We have had some very interesting people come into school this week and talk to us about their occupations; engineers, drama, health visitor, police, scientists, musicians, pest controllers, paramedics, doctors and many more.  It has really made us think about what career we might like to pursue when we are older. What an inspiring week!

PEST CONTROLLERS – tasty work!

img_3548img_2137 img_2140 img_2141 img_2143 img_2144 img_2145 img_2149 img_2151 img_2153 img_2154 img_2155 img_2156 img_3550 img_3552 img_3557 img_3559 img_3562 img_3564 img_3569 img_3574 img_3576 img_3580 img_3582 img_3586 img_3587 img_3588 img_3590 img_3591 img_3593 img_3600 img_3607 img_3609 img_3611 img_3612 img_3614 img_3615 img_3620 img_3621 img_3622 img_3623 img_3624 img_3625 img_3627 img_3628 img_3629 img_3631 img_3632 img_3633 img_3634 img_3635 img_3636 img_3637

Royal Northern Sinfonia – encouraging our budding musicians. 

img_2385 img_2386 img_2387 img_2388 img_2389

Comic Design – motivating our eager artists!

img_2163 img_2164 img_2165 img_2169 img_2173 img_2177 img_2178 img_2179 img_2409 img_2412 img_2413 img_2414 img_2415 img_2416

Police Officers – keeping us safe and law abiding.

img_2390 img_2391 img_2393img_2168 img_2394 img_2395

Drama – “looking forward to seeing a few of our children make their way into the acting world!”

img_0941 img_0943 img_0945 img_0947 img_0948 img_0953 img_0954img_1686 img_1687 img_1688 img_1689 img_1690 img_1691 img_1692 img_1693 img_1694 img_1695 img_1696 img_1697 img_1698

Engineering – ‘we have the technology’

img_2053 img_2056 img_2057 img_2058 img_2059 img_2060 img_2061 img_2062 img_2063 img_2064 img_2065 img_2066 img_2068 img_e2054


Newcastle University STEM Outreach Team

Year 5 and 6 had a visit from the amazing STEM outreach ‘Street Scientists’ team, finding out more about science and maths.


Newcastle University have a ‘STEM’ Fest coming up in July.  It will culminate in a free Family Funday on Saturday 7th July.


There will be various drop-in stands and interactive activities including the Street Scientists, LEGO Mindstorm robots and live animals from Dove Marine Lab.
Throughout the day, there will also be STEM Shows and Demo lectures taking place. These are also free, just collect your ticket when you arrive on the day.
If you are interested in attending the event or finding out more, click on the icon below:
Newcastle University logo

‘Thinking like a Scientist’ – influencing the fun and important side of science.

img_2146 img_2150 img_2155 img_2156 img_2158 img_2159 img_2160 img_2161 img_2165 img_2167


Royal Wedding Garden Party

We enjoyed our picnic lunch in the glorious sunshine.  Look who popped in to join us from their wedding rehearsals!

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img_4200img_4202img_4203img_4204img_4205 img_4211 img_4206 img_4207 img_4208 img_4209 img_4210 img_4212 img_4215 img_4217 img_4219 img_4224img_3875 img_3877 img_3879 img_3884 img_3888 img_3891 img_4225 img_4226 img_4229 img_4234 img_4237 img_4238 img_4240 img_4243img_4243 img_4249 img_4250 img_4252 img_4253 img_4254

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Easter Egg competition

We have talented artistic pupils in school!

All the decorated eggs were fantastic ~ well done to the winners.  An enormous congratulations to everyone who took part.  You did an outstanding job!


img_0334 img_0335 img_0336 img_0338 img_0339 img_0340 img_0341 img_0342 img_0343 img_0344 img_0345 img_0346 img_0348 img_0349 img_0350 img_0351 img_0352 img_0353 img_0354 img_0355 img_0356 img_0357 img_0358 img_0359 img_0360img_0362 img_0366 img_0368 img_0370 img_0372 img_0374 img_0376 img_0378 img_0380 img_0382 img_0384 img_0386 img_0388 img_0390 img_0394


Maths Mania

There was madness and great enthusiasm in school today as all pupils where learning and improving their Mathematical skills. 


We have had a very busy day in Early Years, using our mathematical skills to solve lots of number, shape, space and measure problems. When we arrived at school, we had to sort our water bottles onto the correct shelf to say if they were full or empty. We then had to change them throughout the day as we drank our water. We used magnets to hunt for coins in the water then worked out how much we had found. We used the iPads to explore position and direction. In the sand, we hunted for 3D shapes and used them to make models. In the maths area, we used the Numicon to find ways of making different numbers and recorded them on whiteboards. Then we paid for our snack and used the scales to find out which snack was the heaviest. We even had time to solve addition problems with Cheerio’s and have a game of hopscotch.

img_3261 img_3262 img_3263 img_3264 img_3265 img_3266 img_3267 img_3268 img_3269 img_3270 img_3271 img_3274 img_3275

Year 2

img_1641 img_1642 img_1644 img_1645 img_1646 img_1647 img_1648 img_1650

Years 5&6

img_1478 img_1479 img_1480 img_1482-1 img_1483 img_1484 img_1485-1 img_1485 img_1486 img_1488 img_1489 img_1492 img_1493 img_1494 img_1495 img_1496