The Curriculum

The Curriculum at Kells Lane

We strongly believe our curriculum at Kells Lane is unique. We want our children to be knowledgeable and develop skills in all subject areas. We want our children to understand where they come from and to be ambitious for the future.  Our curriculum has been designed so that children makes links in their learning and can remember important information and strategies.

Curriculum themes are developed through continuous review with our pupils. This means the themes are regularly adapted and changed to suit the needs of different year groups and individual pupils. The content of our curriculum is designed to be progressive and learning across subjects builds on prior knowledge. We are also mindful of any learning opportunities the children have missed over the last 18 months as a result of Covid-19. We offer a number of curriculum enrichment activities to engage all pupils. These are woven through our topics to ensure our children get a range of educational experiences to deepen their learning and make lasting memories the children can cherish forever.

At Kells Lane, we give our children the unique opportunity to develop skills such as independence, organisation, research, resilience and perseverance through ‘rainbow’ and ‘project’ work. The principle behind this is that children have the opportunity to practise the skills they have learned in other subjects. They revisit the information they have learned and apply what they know in a wide range of tasks. Ultimately, these tasks led to embedded learning that instils a life-long curiosity and desire to achieve.

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