Year 1 – Enchanted Kingdom

Join us now as we travel to the magical kingdom of dragons, princesses, knights and castles! Once again our learning will be from a mixture of taught lessons and through our Rainbow Curriculum.

Art and Design

This half term we are going to further develop our collage skills as we make large scale images of dragons. We are also going to explore images of animals used to represent something and then recreate these on our own knights shields.

Inspired by our topic we are also going to experiment with paint to create fantasy images.

Design Technology

We have some very exciting DT projects this term. We will investigate the houses of fairy tale characters and then design and make our own based on what they might need. We will also create fairy gardens for our outside area and we will learn how to strengthen rope so we can rescue the princess in the tower!


As we learn about story settings , we will find out about different  locations and settlements. We will learn key vocabulary  linked to places  e.g. Forest, hill, mountain, river, city, town, village, factory, farm,  We will then use what we have learned to draw our own maps and plans.


We are going to continue our study of Christianity but this half term we will investigate the story of creation and reflect on whether God wants Christians to look after the World.


Throughout the Spring term, we will be listening to live music and recorded music . We will discuss our opinions  and  compare our feelings to different types of music (likes and dislikes)


To support our work identifying and naming a variety of plants, we are going to grow Jack’s magic beans and Belle’s rose. We will learn the parts of a flowering plant and label each section. 

We will also continue our weather study and notice changes in the seasons.


We are going to find out what a ‘bully’ is and through a range of scenarios learn how to ‘say no’ to bullying!


Our indoor PE this term is all about dance. We will learn how to control our movements to create our own simple dance routines. Outdoors,  we will explore different ways to move a ball with increasing control!


This term we are going to learn all about simple algorithms.

We will investigate how things around us respond to simple instructions  and we will start to give our own instructions to control a device.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on the following link to find out more.