Year 2 – Fire! Fire!

In the spring, we are going to travel back in time to 1666 and learn the Great Fire of London before contrasting this with the much more local Great Fire of Gateshead. We will investigate how it started and why it was so catastrophic. We will also learn about the lives of significant individuals from the period. Once again our curriculum will be delivered through a mixture of taught lessons and through our independent learning in our rainbow challenges.

Art and Design

By studying the work of some famous artists and designers we will be inspired to create our own images. We will investigate the architecture of Sir Christopher Wren and be inspired to make our own models.   We will also be creating our own silhouette scenes of the Great Fire of London.

Design Technology

This term, we are going to focus on applying our knowledge of materials to design and build model Tudor houses which we will then test, with the help of our local firefighters, to see if they will burn.


Looking back at the Great Fire of London, we will learn about life during this time. We will find out how it started and use our wider knowledge to explain why it burned and caused so much damage. We will also compare and contrast firefighters from 1666 with firefighters today and learn about the challenges they face.

Following this, we will move closer to home and study the Great Fire of Gateshead. We make our own story maps to show this important part of our own local history.


In this topic, we will develop our understanding of our capital city, making sure we can identify it on a map of the UK. We will also find out some key facts and identify some significant landmarks.


We are going to learn how to listen to music of different genres and describe it using simple vocabulary such as loud, soft, high and low. We will also practise our own singing, with more accurate pitch, before learning how to sign songs in a round.


In the spring, we are going to continue our work on materials and identify how they can be used when designing and making products. We are also going to find out how they can be changed in different situations e.g. burning.


At the start of the term, our focus is going to be setting goals. We will explore what this means and set our own New Year’s resolutions.

We are also going to find out more about ourselves. We will be exploring what we are good at, what we might need to practise and  recognising our own skills.


At the start of the spring term, we begin our study of Judaism by learning about the Passover and why it is so important for Jewish people. We will also learn about the special relationship they have with God through the Covenant.

As Easter approaches, our focus will move back to Christianity as we continue to learn about the Easter story and ask the question, ‘Is it true that Jesus came back to life again?’


Our focus this term is how to control our movements in dances. We will also practise our throwing and catching skills and learn how to hit a ball using a range of bats.


We are going to develop our knowledge of algorithms and create our own using decomposition.

We will then learn how to debug to improve the algorithms we have created.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum, we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on the following link to find out more.