Year 3 Spring Term— Extreme Earth

We will investigate the extreme biomes on our planet and we will find out just how deadly nature can be!

Art and Design

This term, we will study Hokusai and his picture of ‘The Great Wave’. We evaluate the image and then create our own interpretation:

· Sketching close up views of the wave

· Mixed media interpretations of the image

· Design and print in the style of Hokusai images of Mt. Fuji

Design Technology

We will research buildings  that are constructed in areas prone to Earthquakes and identify challenges to structural design. We will then design, build and test our own model buildings.

This term, we also create our own model volcanoes and then apply our science knowledge to make them erupt!


Although this is mainly a Geography based topic, we do make links to our previous learning as we investigate the destruction of Pompeii through our project work.


We will now develop our knowledge of coding.  We will create our own algorithms for a specific task – moving an object along a specific route

In the theory of computer science, we will also identify the different computing components .


This is a Geography based topic that will investigate our extreme Earth:

· Learn the structure of our planet using correct vocabulary

· Using a globe to identify extreme geographical regions

· Identify the tectonic plates and understand how they cause natural disasters

· Earthquake study

· Volcano study

· Investigate climate change

· Debate the human v nature impact on the Earth


This term is all about staying healthy and active. We will find out about how we can plan healthy meals and will find out  why it is important to also take care of our emotional and mental health as well!


In the first half of the term, we will learn about different types of rocks and how they are formed. We will group them together on the physical characteristics and complete practical investigations to investigate their properties.

In spring 2, we are going to investigate forces. We will learn how forces, including magnets, act in different situations and how they can impact on the world around us.


This term, we will continue our work on Christianity. We are going to find out about Jesus and investigate some of the miracles that Christians believe he performed throughout his life. As Easter approaches, we will also find out about the significance of Good Friday.


We will listen to and evaluate a range of music. We will identify patterns and discuss the mood that is created using more technical musical vocabulary.


We are going to be learning some new vocabulary around the following topics:

· Animals

· Introduction to weather

· Days of the Week

· Months of the Year

· Numbers 12 -20


This term Y3 will go swimming and learn how to improve their water safety skills. We will also learn some outdoor and adventurous activities and will begin our work on running, jumping and throwing in athletics.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on one of the following links to find out more.