Year 4 News


Year 4 have just returned from a fabulous 3-day residential at Dukeshouse Wood. The children accepted all challenges with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, confronting their fears at the same time. Their behaviour was described as exemplary by staff, and the children were a credit to the school.

We used our problem solving skills when den building, working out where best to position a den and the best types of branch to use. We also had to ensure it was well-insulated so that we could stay warm. In addition, we learnt how to create our own fire using materials such as cotton wool, tissue paper and spruce branches. We put our fear of heights to the test when completing the 3G Swing, Leap of Faith and Jacob’s ladder. Furthermore, we used our communication skills when ‘Buggy Building’, presenting a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitch before building buggies using rope, barrels and wooden planks.

We had loads of fun taking part in ‘Aeroball’, where we had to score baskets whilst jumping on a trampoline against an opponent! At night, we practiced chants, told jokes and drank hot chocolate at the camp fire. A fun time was had by all!

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Gymnastics – PE

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Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

Year 4 had an inspiring visit to the Museum gaining historic knowledge of one of the world’s greatest navigators, Captain Thomas Cook.  They visited galleries, exhibitions, associated activities and events which made this an educational visit to remember.



The children in Beech class had a fantastic visit to the Captain James Cook Museum near Middlesbrough. After a long journey the children were excited to walk through Stewart Park to the museum. There they were greeted warmly by Kim who spent the morning with the class. The children got the chance to do 5 workshops which included sketching real artefacts from the period, dressing up in costumes of the period, making aboriginal artwork, learning to use a feather quill. One of the children’s favourite activities was using the VR goggles where they got the opportunity to explore the different parts of the globe that Cook discovered.


In the afternoon the children joined Jenny (one of the museum curators) and they were given a tour of the museum and a huge amount of information about the whole of Cook’s life. It all started with his humble beginning as a farmhand’s son to his final death at the hands of the Hawaiians. The children enjoyed their day, even tasting lemon juice which kept sailors safe from scurvy! The visit has helped bring the start of the term alive with tales of exploration and adventure.


Christmas Carol Singing

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Hancock Museum Visit  – Beech Class

On Tuesday 6th November, Beech and Rowan went on a visit to the Hancock Museum to discover more about the Ancient Egyptians.

Each class enjoyed their workshops linked to the Egyptian    hierarchy and mummification. Who would have believed that your brain could be removed with a hook up the nose!

Both classes also got the opportunity to have a good look around the rest of the museum and marvel at some of the wonderful curiosities there.

A great day was had by everyone!


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It’s been a busy month for Year 4 Rowan! During Science week, we had students from Newcastle University come to visit us, to teach us all about Engineering. We then did a practical lesson to see how well different liquids flowed. It was very messy and very fun!


We were lucky enough to have another visitor in class this month. Salma came and helped teach us basic Arabic, including greetings and counting to ten. Taab yawmak!



In indoor PE we have been learning gymnastic sequences, including counter-balance, jumps and travelling. We have a lot of talented gymnasts in our class, who were keen to perform to the class.



We also performed our poem ‘l’automne’ to the school in our special poetry assembly. We had been practising hard for it and learned four verses about autumn in French and performed it in the Key Stage 2 hall. We did a great job!y4-4

Michael Glickmann Visit to Year 4

Last Thursday morning the children had a very interesting and informative   visitor from the local Jewish community. Michael Glickmann came to tell the children about the festival of Passover or in Hebrew “Pesach”. The children learned the story of how the Egyptians got to leave Egypt and the story of the ten plagues. This tied in nicely with our topic for this term, Ancient Egypt.

As a treat at the end of the visit, the children got to taste Matzos which are crackers or bread made with leaven flour. Jewish people eat these during the Passover meal.


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Year 4 enjoyed a trip to the Great North Exhibition

When we arrived we completed an activity where we had to draw the sounds we heard through our headsets. We found out this was called a graphic score.

We started on Ground Floor looking at the work of Lubaina Himid ‘Our Kisses Are Petals’ and viewed the body parts on canvas. We drew our findings.


Afterwards, we ascended to the other floors and investigated the work of Michael Dean, the Ideas of the North and finally the Viewing Gallery. We had such fun learning about the artists!