Play In A Day – Beech Class

The children had another amazing day working with Lisa on the play” The Road to Enlightenment” about the life of Buddha and how Buddhism became a way of life for many millions of people in the world.

As always, the children worked extremely hard to learn the play. They had great fun in the morning doing some drama games and this enabled Lisa to see the children’s personalities and cast them in appropriate parts. The second half of the morning and the afternoon was spent learning and rehearsing the play ready for our performance to parents in the afternoon.

Many thanks to those parents who were able to attend the performance and see how well their children are doing. Great work Beech, you always shine in everything you do!


Hindu Temple Visit Beech Class

On Tuesday 24th April Beech class went on their visit to the Hindu temple in Newcastle. The children were greeted warmly by the priest of the temple and she spent the next two hours telling the children all about the Hindu religion and its traditions.

The children got the chance to ask lots of questions and the priest also explained how and why she became a Hindu. The children listened to traditional music as the priest sang songs in Sanskrit.

The best part of the visit was when the children got the chance to dress up in Indian dress. Mrs Thompson even learned how to tie a turban and Mrs Dutta dressed many children in saris.

Once they were in costume the children learned to play the drums and some practised yoga postures. Some of us were better than others. A very informative morning was had by all.


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Dukeshouse Wood

What a trip! We were lucky enough to have some of the best weather we’ve had on a residential this year which only added to a fantastic and enjoyable experience for the children. From the first minute to the last, even when the children (and staff) were exhausted from a long day of activities, the children threw themselves into all that they did. They challenged themselves to go that little bit higher and out of their comfort zones. The buzz they got from doing something they either felt too afraid to do or thought that they couldn’t do was wonderful to see. From orienteering, buggy building and shelter building to the zipwire and abseiling, the children developed their teamwork and communication skills as well as their resilience and confidence. Throughout our visit, the children were a credit to themselves and our school. I am sure you have enjoyed hearing all of the stories and have enjoyed seeing how much the children have gained from this experience. A brilliant Dukeshouse Wood visit.


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Year 4 Spring Assembly

On Friday 16th March 2018 the children in Beech and Rowan class presented an assembly about Explorers which is our topic this term.


The children wowed the audience with their factual knowledge about exploration and Captain James Cook. They read out their own poetry and showed watercolour paintings of famous explorers throughout the world.


Children who have violin and brass tuition also enjoyed learning new tunes to present to the audience, they worked hard learning the pieces independently.


The assembly was brought to a close with a lively version of the Taio Cruz song “Dynamite”. But the children put a twist on it by creating their own lyrics to explain about Captain Cook’s expeditions.

A great afternoon was had by all. Well done Beech and Rowan classes!

img_0603 img_0616 img_0619 img_0622 img_0634 img_0645



Beech and Rowan Classes Visit the Captain Cook Museum

On Tuesday 17th January, the children in Year 4 had a fantastic day visiting the Captain Cook Museum at Marton in Cleveland, the birthplace of Captain James Cook.

They enjoyed a variety of activities: sketching artefacts from the period of exploration, painting using the aboriginal style, writing a ship’s log using a quill and dressing up as a member of his crew on HMS Endeavour.

The children learned a great deal about the impact Captain James Cook had on the modern world.  They are now very knowledgeable about his early life and career, the expeditions he commanded and his skills as a cartographer which created much of the modern globe as we know it today. 

 Read some feedback from the year 4 children:-

“My Visit to the Captain Cook Museum” by Amelia

On the 16th January 2018 Year 4 went on a school trip to the Captain Cook Museum and it was really interesting.  We learned lots of new facts about Captain James Cook.  We all learned that if the crew members were doing things they weren’t supposed to they would get whacked with the ‘catoninetails’ (a special whip made of rope with nine tails to it).  Also, we learned that the only drink they had was a very strong lemon juice (which we actually tasted).  Yuk!


” My visit to the Captain Cook Museum” by Charlotte

At the Captain Cook Museum they all had very interesting facts such as the cooks Dad’s boss paid for the cook to go to Great Ayton.

In the afternoon my group dressed up in some weird but amazing outfits.  We went into this room where only special schools were allowed – it was amazing!

In the morning we tasted lemon juice which was sour and horrid!



A huge thank you to the Captain Cook Museum for an amazing day – we all had a brilliant time!

Carol Singing at Hawksbury House

Children in Year 4 went out into the local community to share some of their Christmas cheer.

We went to Hawksbury House, a home for the elderly, and sang our hearts out with some of our favourite carols. We wowed our audience with carols such as ‘Away in A Manger’, ‘Calypso Carol’ and one of our favourites, ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’. Our finale was ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’.  William then brought tears to our eyes with an impromptu speech thanking the residents for their participation and kind words of appreciation. We all had a great afternoon.

Very well done to the speakers and singers. You were all a credit to Kells Lane Primary School!

img_0291 img_0292 img_0296 img_0297 img_0299 img_0300 img_0301 img_0302 img_0303 img_0304 img_0305 img_0306 img_0307 img_0310 img_0312 img_0313 img_0314

Gymnastics – the children were learning how to support their body weight using different body parts.img_0112 img_0113 img_0114 img_0115 img_0116 img_0117 img_0118 img_0119 img_0120 img_0121 img_0122 img_0123 img_0127 img_0129 img_0130 img_0131 img_0133 img_0134 img_0135 img_0136 img_0139 img_0140 img_0142 img_0203

Year 4 Hancock Museum Visit

On Wednesday, Year 4 visited the Hancock Museum as part of their Ancient Egypt topic. The children became Egyptologists for the day and investigated examples of evidence such as CT scans and x-rays for the two Egyptian mummies displayed in the museum. They also had the opportunity to explore boxes of artefacts linked to the social hierarchy of Ancient Egypt using their historical detective skills to identify the different social groupings. The children had a fantastic time gaining lots of new knowledge and taking the chance to impress museum stuff with what they already know. They were an absolute credit to the school throughout the whole day.

img_0231 img_0232 img_0233 img_0236 img_0237 img_0239 img_0240 img_0241 img_0242 img_0243 img_0244 img_0245 img_0246 img_0247 img_0248 img_0249 img_0251 img_0252 img_0253 img_0254 img_0256 img_0257 img_0258 img_0259 img_0260 img_0261 img_0262 img_0263 img_0264 img_0265 img_0266 img_0267 img_0269 img_0270 img_0271 img_0272 img_0274 img_0275 img_0277 img_0278 img_0279 img_0280 img_0283 img_0284 img_0286 img_0287 img_0288 img_0290 img_0291 img_0292 img_0293 img_0294 img_0295 img_0296 img_0297 img_0298 img_0299 img_0300 img_0301 img_0302 img_0304 img_0305 img_0307 img_0308 img_0309 img_0310 img_0311 img_e0279

Free gymnastics clipart the cliparts 3

The children in Beech have had great fun in our weekly gymnastics lessons. They have been working with their partners to develop different balances, movements and rolls.

Here are some of the fantastic balances and sequences they have created!

img_0095 img_0085 img_0084 img_0081 img_0079 img_0078 img_0073 img_0069 img_0068img_0103 img_0102 img_0100 img_0098 img_0097img_0107 img_0105

In RE the children had a visit from Rabbi Glickmann.  They learned about Passover and how the story linked to Ancient Egypt.  They could retell the story of the Ten Plagues and how the Jews were able to leave Egypt.

img_0053 img_0054 img_0055 img_0057 img_0059