Year 5 Spring Term -The Earth and Beyond

An in-depth study of our solar system and the science behind it. We will also investigate the ‘Space Race’ and find out about the people who let us explore further than anyone thought imaginable!

Art and Design

This term, we are going to learn how to use perspective in our art work and will explore how colours can be used to create visual effects as we create our own fantasy landscapes. We are also going to learn how to do screen printing.

Our artist study for this term includes work by both Kandinsky and Peter Thorpe.

Design Technology

We have some very exciting DT projects this term. We will be designing and constructing our own models of the solar system. In food technology, we will learn about differences between food on Earth and in Outer Space with a focus on packaging. We will research what astronauts need to survive in space.


In computing, we are going to explore computer networks and use this technology to compare news around the world. We are also going to use technology to create our own ‘Fake News’ stories  about moon landings – both past and present.


Although this is a Science based topic, we are going to learn about the Space Race and the history of space exploration. We will study the lives of significant individuals who played a key role in the technology needed to allow travel into space and we will study some of the significant missions; those that were considered a success and those that went wrong.

We will also discuss whether the advances that have been made are ethically correct and study what advancements are being made today.


As we study life in space, we will study what the astronauts living on the International Space Station might see as they look out of their window. We will study a range of satellite images and use these to identify significant locations and weather patterns.


Science is the main subject behind out topic this term as we learn all about the solar system. We will find out how the movement of our planet causes day and night and changes in the seasons.

Linked to this, we will find out about forces,  especially gravity and how this causes things to fall. We will also consider the significance of gravity in our solar system.


We will consider our own well being, both physically and emotionally, and will continue to use the zones of regulation and 5 ways to well being to help us understand and control our own emotions. We are also going to find out about the dangers of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco misuse and will learn how to ‘say no’ through role play and drama work.


Our focus this term is to evaluate the work of composers and musicians. We will compare music in a range of different styles and make our own evaluations using appropriate musical vocabulary. We are also going to work on our own performances with our voices and a range of percussion instruments.


In the first half of the term, our focus is Sikhism. We are going to revise key facts about this religion and find out how Sikhs put their beliefs into action.

As Easter approaches, we will continue to explore the Easter story and investigate the question — Is forgiveness always possible?


We are now going to use our previous knowledge of food and drink within a real life situation. We will learn how to give preferences and make orders in a restaurant situation. We are also going to learn the numbers 50 –100.


Our indoor PE focus is to develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance in both gymnastics and dance activities. Outdoors, we will revisit outdoor and adventurous activities and begin our work on athletics.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on one of the following links to find out more.