Year 5 Summer Term 1 – The Greeks

A look back at the history of Ancient Greece as we explore the significance of this important period and find out why it is still significant for us today!

Art and Design

This term we are going to learn about Greek art and architecture. We will use our sketch books to explore Greek images and practise imitating and then developing our own images.

We will also refine our skills using clay to make our own Greek artefacts.

Design Technology

Closely linked to our art work, we are going to investigate the beauty of Greek architecture and discover why it was imitated by others. We will then design and make our own models of Greek temples that reflect the style.


In computing, we are going to learn how to use coding to create our own games on Scratch.

We will also explore ways of using software to present our own work in a number of different formats.


History plays a very important part in this topic. We will investigate various aspects of Greek life and find out why they are still significant today.

· A study of the chronology of the Greek period

· Learn about the Battle of Marathon

· Investigation into Alexander the Great

· Study the significance of the Greek Empire

· Find out about advances in science and technology

· Learn about the Greek religion and their Gods and Goddesses

· Find out about early democracy and the judicial system


As we learn about the history of Greece, we will also have the opportunity to study a range of maps and investigate the differences between Ancient Greece and Modern Greece. We will find out about the significance of its geographical location and will also complete a detailed study of Greece today.


The focus for this half term is living things and their habitats.

We will investigate the life process of reproduction in specific plants and animals and will learn about their life cycle – what it means and how they might change .


In this first part of the term, we are going to investigate healthy eating and how we can ensure that our diet is beneficial for us. We will have the opportunity to create food logs and learn how to make good choices.


We will find out how different musical elements are combined expressively in many different types of music and identify cyclic patterns-verse and chorus. We will also have the opportunity to improvise melodic and rhythmic phrases as part of a group performance.


This term, we are going to explore the Sikh beliefs and moral values. We will hear some of their stories and find out why they are still significant today.


As we develop our spoken and written use of the language, we are going to learn the necessary vocabulary to describe our daily routines with a focus on our school day.

We will also have the opportunity to find out about French celebrations and enjoy learning more about the French culture both in France and around the World.


Our indoor PE focus is athletics where we will practise in order to improve our own skills particularly in throwing and jumping.

When working outside, we are going to have fun playing tennis. We will work on our forehand and backhand and aim for increasingly long rallies.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on one of the following links to find out more.