Year 5 Summer Term -Crime and Punishment

An in-depth study of how crimes are identified and how appropriate punishments are decided, across significant periods in history starting with the Ancient Greeks.


Following on from the Ancient Greeks, we will study how the judicial system has developed  and then investigate crime and punishment in the UK throughout history. Especially in our local area.

· The Tudor family tree and how the Tudors became monarchs.

· How different crimes were punished.

· Court case into Anne’s Boleyn’s execution.

· Victorian creation of punishment systems, including the start of the police force and the prison systems.

· Investigate the feudal system

Art and Design

This term, we will continue to improve our mastery of techniques using a range of media and in a variety of different styles:

· Using oil paints for portraits,

· Using printing techniques to create a front cover of the ‘Black Powder’ book.

This term we will also learn about the Tudor artwork of  Hans Holbein.


This term, we begin by focusing on mechanisms, including pulleys and levers. We investigate the use of these in everyday life.

We then learn about the changes of a human body as we age, by learning about bodies from crime scenes, to assess the ages of the victims, by looking at height, bone density and muscle strength.


This half term, we are going to be developing our fieldwork skills. Through an imaginary crime scene, we are going to record information about our school and the surrounding area. We will be creating scaled maps and plans and  look at the area from different perspectives.


We are going to revise Christian beliefs and then consider how different denominations manifest their faith in different ways. Linked to our work in history, we will investigate how the Catholic and Protestant religions changed with the ruling monarch.

Design Technology

Linked to our work in Science, we are going to develop the use of mechanical systems to create a moving part and then we will use this to design, make and evaluate our own models.

We will also investigate the architecture of Newcastle Crown Court before creating our own model inspired by the building.


As we develop our spoken and written use of the language, we are going to learn the necessary vocabulary to describe our daily routines with a focus on our school day.

We will also have the opportunity to find out about French celebrations and enjoy learning a little more about the French culture both in France and around the World.


This half term , we are going to compare and contrast a broad range of musical pieces from both historical periods and the present day. We are going to describe and evaluate each piece using the appropriate musical vocabulary.


As we investigate cyber crime, we will continue to develop our use of control technology. Using scratch we will develop a system that can help detect threats and notify the user of any attempts to hack a password or account.


Our focus this term is our community and how to generate a good community spirit. We find out why it is important to work together to achieve shared goals and we will also think about our own aims for the future.


During our indoor sessions, we will learn the skills and rules required for playing competitive handball and, when working outside, we will develop our striking and fielding skills as we enjoy playing rounders.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on one of the following links to find out more.