Year 6 Autumn Term – Evacuated to the Country

An in-depth study of WW2 and the impact it had on both Britain and the wider World.

Art and Design

We will develop and refine our sketching skills and we will learn how to use charcoal to reflect atmosphere in our artwork. We will also investigate the life and work of Coco Chanel before we make our own designs inspired by her work.

Design Technology

We will investigate Anderson Shelters before designing our own. After constructing and testing a prototype, we then create and evaluate our final product. We also bake using traditional WW2 recipes.


We investigate various aspects of the war and reflect on the impact that it had on both Britain and the wider world.  Topics we cover include the following:

· Evacuation                           

· The Battle of Britain

· Political leaders

· Propaganda

· VE Day

· The significance of codes and Bletchley Park


In computing, we will learn how to keep ourselves safe when we are online. We investigate safe passwords and the significance of phishing. We also find out about the World Wide Web and the way that search engines work.


We will find out all about Europe, before, during and after the War. We use maps to investigate how it changed as a direct result of WW2. We also learn about the wider world and the global effect of the war on both the human and physical geography of specific places.


We listen to and appraise music from the era and reflect on the purpose. We learn to use key vocabulary to describe music and think about the impact it has on us. We also learn how to play the ukulele with our specialist music teacher.


In the first half of the term, we will learn about electricity and design circuits to create a device that could be used to send Morse code messages. We investigate ways to make our bulbs brighter or our buzzers louder!

In autumn 2, we will find out all about light and how it travels. We will learn about reflection and refraction and investigate ways we create and change shadows. We also find out all about our eye and the way in which we see things.


As we start Year 6, we  think about our dreams and aspirations. We set ourselves some goals for the future and look at strategies to help us achieve them. We also reflect on the things we have achieved and celebrate our own successes. This term, we also think about the negative impact of bullying both in person and online and look for ways to deal with specific situations.


Our focus this term is Christianity. We study the story of the Prodigal son and the importance of forgiveness. We also investigate the Christmas story from the perspective of Mary and learn about her significance as the mother of Jesus.


Building upon our previous knowledge, we will be learning how to give both oral and written descriptions of ourselves and our family. We will also be learning to describe our house and specific rooms.

As we approach Christmas, we are going to use the vocabulary we have learned to tell the Christmas story in both a spoken and written form.


This term we enjoy PE activities both indoors and outdoors. We work in groups and as an individuals to sequence movements and balances in gymnastics creating short routines. We also learn skills and techniques needed for playing volleyball and tag-rugby and take part in a range of small-sided team games.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on one of the following links to find out more.