500 Word Final

Violet was very lucky to receive an invitation to attend the 500 Word Competition Final at Hampton Court Palace. She had a fantastic day and met many famous people. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

img_3058 img_3061 img_3062 img_3063 img_3064 img_3065 img_3066 img_3067 img_3068 img_3069 img_3070 img_3071


Year 6 attended a Cricket Tournament and everyone played extremely well. One of our teams won the tournament and earned a place in the final!

img_2143 img_2144 img_2145 img_2146 img_2150 img_2152 img_2153 img_2154 img_2157 img_2158 img_2160 img_2161 img_2162 img_2163 img_2164 img_2166 img_2168

Year 6  worked with Marcus Watson to develop their knowledge of the heart and the importance to exercise.

img_2824 img_2825 img_2826 img_2827 img_2828 img_2829 img_2830 img_2831 img_2832 img_2833 img_2834 img_2835 img_2836 img_2837 img_2838 img_2839

Ice-Cream Van – end of SATS celebrations…

img_2170 img_2171 img_2172 img_2173 img_2174 img_2175 img_2176 img_2178 img_2181 img_2183 img_2184 img_2185 img_2186 img_2187 img_2188 img_2189



Year 6 at work and play!

img_2104 img_2105 img_2106 img_2107 img_2108 img_2109


img_2112 img_2113 img_2118 img_2119 img_2120 img_2121 img_2122 img_2123 img_2124 img_2126

img_2128 img_2129 img_2130 img_2131 img_2132 img_2133 img_2134 img_2135 img_2137 img_2138 img_2140

Year 6 have shown great teamwork in Maths this week.

img_1903 img_1904 img_1905 img_1906 img_1908 img_1910 img_1911 img_1912 img_1913

img_1915 img_1916 img_1917 img_1918 img_1919

Year 6 worked with mod roc this week to make their rainforest / carnival masks.

img_2020 img_2019img_2017 img_2016 img_2015 img_2014 img_2013 img_2012 img_2011 img_1901 img_1900 img_1899 img_1898 img_1897 img_1896 img_1895 img_1894 img_1893 img_1892 img_1891 img_1890 img_1889


The children had a visit from Chris Connaughton this week.  He delivered a performance of ‘Hamlet’ which was outstanding.img_1957 img_1958 img_1959 img_1960 img_1961 img_1962 img_1963 img_1964 img_1965 img_1967 img_1968 img_1969 img_1970 img_1971 img_1972 img_1973 img_1974 img_1975 img_1976 img_1977 img_1978 img_1979 img_1982 img_1983 img_1984 img_1986 img_1987 img_1989 img_2001 img_2002 img_2003 img_2004 img_2005 img_2006 img_2007 img_2008 img_2009

Decorating Easter eggs was a great success in Year 6 this week – the results were amazing!


Year 6 completed their Sport Relief mile with great enthusiasm!

img_1922 img_1924 img_1925 img_1929 img_1933 img_1934 img_1939 img_1941 img_1942 img_1943 img_1948 img_1952 img_1953 img_1954

Year 6 organised their own whole school assembly ‘Harry Potter’ style…

img_1026 img_1036 img_1047 img_1061 img_1071 img_1082 img_1083 img_1091 img_1094 img_1100 img_1108 img_1113 img_1115 img_1120 img_1142 img_1147 img_1151 img_1152 img_1153 img_1154 img_1155 img_1156 img_1158 img_1159 img_1160 img_1186 img_1187 img_1195 img_1196 img_1197 img_1198 img_1199 img_1200 img_1201

Year 6 started their Amazon Rainforest topic with a fantastic ‘Play in a Day’ performance – they were educational and highly entertaining.  Many thanks to parents, grandparents and carers who came to watch. We hope you enjoyed watching them as much as we enjoyed performing them! 

img_1514 img_1515 img_1516 img_1517 img_1518 img_1519 img_1520 img_1521 img_1522 img_1523 img_1524 img_1526 img_1528 img_1529 img_1530 img_1531 img_1532 img_1533 img_1534 img_1535 img_1536 img_1537 img_1538 img_1540 img_1542 img_1544 img_1546 img_1547 img_1548 img_1550 img_1551 img_1552 img_1553 img_1554 img_1555 img_1556 img_1557 img_1559 img_1560 img_1562 img_1565 img_1566 img_1567 img_1568 img_1569 img_1570 img_1571 img_1572 img_1573 img_1574 img_1575 img_1576img_1421 img_1425


img_1453 img_1455img_1468 img_1486img_1505 img_1514img_1518 img_1521img_1535 img_1536 img_1537 img_1539 img_1541


Year 6 have been spreading Christmas cheer in the community; we have been singing at Springfield House and at Sainsbury’s.

img_1215 img_1216 img_1218 img_1219 img_1221 img_1222 img_1226 img_1227 img_1228 img_1229 img_1234 img_1238 img_1240 img_1243 img_1247 img_1249 img_1250 img_1251 img_1257 img_1260 img_1261 img_1262img_1418 img_1419 img_1420 img_1421 img_1423 img_1426 img_1428 img_1429



Year 6 celebrated V.E. Day with a WW2 style street party to end their ‘Escape to the Country’ topic. They all looked fantastic dressed in role – well done!

img_1342 img_1344 img_1345 img_1346 img_1348 img_1349 img_1350 img_1355 img_1356 img_1358 img_1359 img_1361 img_1363 img_1366 img_1368 img_1370 img_1375 img_1377 img_1381



img_1388 img_1389 img_1390 img_1391 img_1392 img_1393 img_1394 img_1395 img_1396 img_1397 img_1399 img_1401 img_1402 img_1405

We made carrot cookies using a WW2 recipe – they were delicious!

img_1323 img_1324 img_1325 img_1326 img_1327 img_1328 img_1329 img_1330 img_1331 img_1333 img_1334 img_1335 img_1336 img_1338 img_1339

Some of Year 6 decorated baubles for the Christmas tree on Low Fell this week and then attended the switch-on event to see their baubles on display. Well done to you all.


Reverend Greener visited Year 6 to discuss the importance of Mary being the mother of Jesus. Year 6 were able to ask some very thoughtful questions.

img_1014 img_1015 img_1016 img_1017 img_1018 img_1019 img_1020 img_1023 img_1024 img_1025 img_1026 img_1027 img_1028 img_1029

The Year 6 Indoor Athletics Team took part in the next stage of their event this week at Gateshead Leisure Centre. After a brilliant afternoon of teamwork and 100% effort, the team came 4th and just missed out on winning a medal. Well done to everyone who took part – you did Kells Lane proud!

img_1105 img_1106 img_1107 img_1108 img_1109 img_1110 img_1111 img_1114 img_1115 img_1116 img_1117 img_1118img_0842 img_0850 img_0851 img_0855 img_0857 img_1119 img_1123 img_1125 img_1126 img_1128 img_1129 img_1132 img_1133 img_1135 img_1139 img_1140 img_1142 img_1143 img_1144 img_1145 img_1147 img_1148 img_1150 img_1152 img_1154 img_1155 img_1157 img_1158 img_1159 img_1160


Year 6 visited Nissan to take part in the Monozukuri Caravan event. The children had the opportunity to create their own assembly line, learn about the history of Nissan, tour the training facilities and handle tools safely.



We visited the remembrance garden in Saltwell Park to pay our respects and share their recital of Flanders Fields.

img_0780img_0781img_0785img_0786img_0787img_0788img_0790img_0791 img_0793img_0794img_0795img_0796


Some Year 6 pupils visited the Boer Memorial statue on Low Fell to pay their respects and lay a wreath on behalf of Kells Lane School.


Year 6 took part in an indoor athletics event against other local primary schools at Joseph Swan. Everyone gave 100% in each event and Kells Lane were overall winners. As a result, they will compete in the next round against other schools across Gateshead.


Year 6 took part in a rugby tournament against other local primary schools at Gateshead Rugby Club. Three teams took part and all showed great enthusiasm and skill.

img_0546 img_0547 img_0548 img_0549 img_0550 img_0551 img_0552 img_0554 img_0555 img_0556 img_0557 img_0558 img_0560 img_0561 img_0562 img_0563 img_0564 img_0565 img_0566 img_0567 img_0568

Young Enterprise @ Joseph Swan

img_0425 img_0426 img_0427 img_0428 img_0429 img_0430 img_0432 img_0434 img_0435 img_0436 img_0437 img_0443 img_0444 img_0446 img_0449 img_0450 img_0451 img_0453 img_0454 img_0455 img_0456 img_0458 img_0459 img_0461 img_0462 img_0464 img_0465 img_0466 img_0467 img_0468

Technology Tom Visits Year 6

img_0272 img_0270

img_0268 img_0267 img_0261 img_0256 img_0255img_0254 img_0253 img_0251 img_0248 img_0246 img_0241 img_0240 img_0238img_0271

SCIENCE – Investigating electrical circuits img_0182 img_0183 img_0184 img_0186



We visited Joseph Swan for P E

img_0032 img_0085

img_0090 img_0091 img_0092 img_0093 img_0094 img_0095

img_0110 img_0111 img_0112 img_0113 img_0122 img_0124 img_0125 img_0126 img_0127 img_0129 img_0130 img_0131 img_0133 img_0154 img_0155 img_0156 img_0157 img_0158 img_0159 img_0162

Year 6 were evacuated to Beamish and experienced life as an evacuee.

Fir Class pictures from Beamish Trip

Elm class pictures from Beamish Trip
sam_0079 sam_0080 sam_0082


sam_0087 sam_0089 sam_0092 sam_0093


sam_0102 sam_0103 sam_0104 sam_0108 sam_0113

sam_0118 sam_0134 sam_0135 sam_0141 sam_0142 sam_0143 sam_0144 sam_0146 sam_0148 sam_0149 sam_0151 sam_0152 sam_0157 sam_0162 sam_0164 sam_0166 sam_0181 sam_0182 sam_0183 sam_0184

Year 6 have really enjoyed the start to their new topic – Escape to the Country!

sam_0037 sam_0038 sam_0039 sam_0040 sam_0044 sam_0045 sam_0046 sam_0047 sam_0048

Year 6 have continued to work on ‘Growth Mindset’ this week and have risen to challenges – a super start!