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Baltic Visit November 2015

Kells Lane student councillors were invited by Fell Dyke Primary School to attend the Unicef Rights Respecting event, to be held at the Baltic in Gateshead. This was an event not about adults’ rights, but children’s rights.

The event began when children from fell Dyke showed us an interesting presentation about their experience of how they became a ‘Rights Respecting’ school. After that, different companies including St. John’s Ambulance and Northumbria Police, set up some different thought-provoking workshops. For example, St John’s Ambulance set up a CPR workshop related to the fact that every child has the right for the best health care possible.

Later on, we were invited to make an animation about a refugee travelling to the UK. We decided to make ours the story of a child who travelled to the UK by raft and was picked up by members of Kells Lane Primary School. This related to article 2.2 which states every child as a refugee has the same rights as every other child.

We all left with huge smiles on our faces and some strong messages to share with the rest of our school. As a follow up, we held an assembly back at school to share our experiences with our friends. This was a very enjoyable experience about an incredibly worthwhile and serious matter.

James O. (Year 6)

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